About MLS Next

A new paradigm for player development

MLS NEXT will transform the way players learn and grow. Building on where we’ve been, but looking ahead to the future. Taking youth soccer to the next level. The future starts here.

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    Youth Soccer Reimagined

    MLS NEXT provides the best player development experience in North America. Founded on a collaborative approach to governance and a commitment to innovation, MLS NEXT players have access to the highest levels of competition and to training to prepare them for their futures, both in soccer and in life.

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    The NEXT Generation

    Current membership includes 133 clubs, 590 teams, 11,000+ players across the U.S. and Canada and features over 90% of the current youth national team player pools.

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    Tomorrow Starts Today

    To provide the best player development experience, we focus our efforts on the following areas: Competition, Environment, Coaching, Individual Growth and Player ID & Recruitment.

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    Setting a New Standard

    The revolutionary governance structure of MLS NEXT promotes collaboration, fosters innovation and harnesses the expertise of all Member Clubs. It ensures that programming is responsive and transformative. To date, our approach has been incredibly valuable as we work together to build the program.

Mls NExt

You Are the Future