Privacy Policy

The goal of the Santa Cruz Breakers Academy website ( is to provide a fun, informative and safe interactive online experience for all of the children and parents and friends who make up the Santa Cruz Breakers community. We want you to understand and feel comfortable with this site’s process of gathering information from users, and we want you to know exactly how that information is used and what your rights are with regards to all of the information collected.

This Privacy Statement is intended to educate parents and youngsters about the steps they can take to safeguard their privacy when visiting the Santa Cruz Breakers Academy online or any of the other exciting websites that have links to and from Santa Cruz Breakers Academy online. We also hope that the information presented here demonstrates our total commitment to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (“”COPPA”"). In doing so, the following discloses our information collection and dissemination practices for this website:

If you have any concern that the Santa Cruz Breakers Academy online is not abiding by its posted privacy policy, please e-mail the club president at:, or use the contact information below:

Santa Cruz Breakers Academy
P.O. Box 2398
Aptos CA 95001

Information Collection and Use

The Santa Cruz Breakers Academy online collects information from our users at several different points, and is the sole owner of the data collected on the website. In each case, only information that is reasonably necessary to participate in the activity at hand will be sought. For example, the Santa Cruz Breakers Academy online will not ask children for their home mailing address in order to receive an e-mailed newsletter. We will never condition a child’s participation in an online activity on the disclosure of information that is beyond what is reasonably necessary for the Santa Cruz Breakers to conduct the applicable activity.

Using the Parent’s Information Access Form available on this site, a parent may, at any time, review any identifiable information collected from their child, and may choose to have some or all of the information deleted from the Santa Cruz Breakers Academy online database. Parents may also consent to the internal use of their child’s personal information while declining to permit the site to share this data with third parties.


eNewsletter Subscriptions

The Santa Cruz Breakers Academy online does not require visitors to register in order to use this website. However, users have the option to subscribe to receive free eNewsletters. The content of the Santa Cruz Breakers Academy online eNewsletters is appropriate for all ages. In addition, users may have the opportunity to subscribe to additional newsletters through linked sites. We encourage parents to read and become familiar with the privacy policies and information collection practices of all other sites that their children enter.

To subscribe to our eNewsletters, a user is asked to give their name, date of birth and e-mail address. Users also have the opportunity, but are not required, to sign up to receive special promotions from advertisers that may be of interest to Santa Cruz Breakers online. Information collected to distribute the Santa Cruz Breakers Academy online eNewsletters may be transferred, disclosed or otherwise shared with third parties who handle the technical preparation and delivery of the newsletter. These third parties will not use the information for any other purposes and have agreed to keep all such information confidential.

In addition to e-mailing newsletters to subscribers, we send a “”welcoming e-mail”" to first-time visitors, and occasional updates to keep users current on the site-specific services, event calendars, regional competition news, and other points of interest including periodic special offers from the Santa Cruz Breakers Academy online. Our intent in collecting information from users is to provide the most personalized and rewarding online experience possible. Always keeping privacy in mind, we give parents the option to decline or “”opt-out”" of these types of e-mailed communications at the same point where we request information about the visitor on the page where information is collected. At any time, if you would like to “”unsubscribe”" or would prefer that you or your child’s information be removed from our database, and/or you do not want to receive future communications from the Santa Cruz Breakers Academy online or our partners, you may send an e-mail request to our site administrator,, or use the contact information below:

Santa Cruz Breakers Academy
P.O. Box 2398
Aptos, CA 95001