BreakersFC is taking steps to clarify donation procedures for our Club.

To donate, a donor should make it clear if the donation is for the Club generally
or is for a specific team. A donation may not be tax-deductible if it is restricted for aspecific player's expenses. If a prospective donor contacts a coach, that coach or team manager should then inform the Sports Manager.

All donations are welcome and will be put to good use to ensure our players'
soccer development and success. Should a donation be made to a certain team, the
Sports Manager, together with the coach, will determine how to apportion the funds.
This could include assistance for registration or equipment expense or tournament
costs for travel, hotel, and meals.

Donate below or click here to download the donation form.

Donation Form

We will email you with the donation instructions once we get the form information, thank you!

We appreciate your generosity!