Joaquin d’Escoto Shines in U20 World Cup Qualifiers

April 9, 2024


Joaquin d’Escoto, a talented player from the Breakers FC soccer academy and a rising star in the Nicaraguan U20 national team, has recently made headlines with his impressive performance in the U20 World Cup qualifiers.

The academy celebrated d’Escoto’s achievements on their Instagram, sharing his journey in the qualifiers where Nicaragua showcased their might with three dominant victories (8-0, 5-0, and 6-0) in the group stage. D’Escoto’s contribution to these victories was pivotal, demonstrating his skill and determination on the international stage.

Despite their strong performance, Nicaragua narrowly missed qualification for the U20 World Cup, suffering a close defeat against Cuba with a scoreline of 1-2. However, d’Escoto’s efforts and the team’s remarkable journey through the qualifiers have been a source of pride and optimism for the future.

Joaquin d’Escoto’s international experience with the Nicaraguan U20 team highlights his potential and the quality of training at Breakers FC. His performances on such a significant stage promise a bright future for both him and the academy.

The Breakers FC community and fans of Nicaraguan soccer are rallying behind d’Escoto, excited to see what heights this young talent will reach next.



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