Breakers FC U19 in MLS Next FLEX Qualifications

March 19, 2024

This March, the spotlight shines on our MLS Next U19 team led by Sergi Tortell as they gear up for the MLS Next FLEX qualifications. This event marks a pivotal moment for youth teams eyeing the professional stage.

About MLS Next FLEX

MLS Next FLEX is a premier youth soccer event, designed to showcase emerging talent and foster competitive play among the nation’s top youth academies. It’s a rigorous test of skill, strategy, and teamwork, offering a glimpse into the future of soccer in the U.S.

Here are the standings in group M:

Breakers FC’s Outlook

With a solid lineup and a season of hard work behind them, Breakers FC is ready. The focus? Teamwork, strategy, and execution. It’s not just about winning; it’s about growing together as a team and proving their place in the competitive soccer landscape.

Follow the Journey

Attached to this post, find the full schedule for Breakers FC’s games in the MLS Next FLEX qualifications. Support the team by tuning in, cheering them on, and watching as they take on this challenge.

Download the schedule